The Work of an Electrician

An electrician is an individual who is a tradesman and has specialized in the wiring of buildings to conduct electricity, wiring of transmission lines, stationary machines and other equipment that are related. Electricians can work on the installation of new components of electricity or work in repairing and maintaining the electrical infrastructure that is already existing.

Roles and responsibilities of an Electrician

The following are the main roles and responsibilities that an electrician is required to perform;

Assist in the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical controls, lighting and wiring systems

Help in the reading and interpretation of diagrams and blueprints that are very technical.

Perform the general maintenance of electrical components.

Assist in the inspection of electrical transformers, electrical circuit breakers, and other electrical components or equipment.

Help in troubleshooting any electrical problems with the use of the right testing devices and equipment.

Assist in repairing and replacing electrical equipment, electrical wiring or any other fixtures.

Follow the set national electrical code and local building regulations and guidelines that have been set in each and every country.

Assist in the corrective maintenance of circuit breakers.

Have a good knowledge of the systems of heating and air conditioning.

Have a good knowledge of the wide range of test equipment.

Types of electricians

The following are some of the common types of electricians that can be found in any place;

Domestic electrical installers

These are the most common types of electrician around. The domestic electrical installers usually do their work on domestic properties. This includes both small scale and large scale jobs around the home. They can range from simple fixing of sockets to the complete wiring installation in the property.

Installation electricians

These electricians are mainly tasked with the installation systems such as the lighting systems, power, fire, security, and cabling structure. These electricians also tend to work on larger projects such as construction sites and commercial properties. (el proffen)

Maintenance electricians

These types of electricians(elektriker) usually ensure that the modern electrical systems and equipment are working and running efficiently with utmost effectiveness and safety. They usually help in maintaining the power grid of a particular place and fixing any issues with factory machinery.

Electrical panel builder

These are electricians who use logic controllers that have been programmed and information technology to perform the building and managing of electrical control panels that control the heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems in a building.

Instrumentation electrician

This electrician is mainly tasked with the work of testing, finding faults and repairing of the environmental control systems of a building. This includes air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation units.

Highway electrical systems electrician

These are electricians who have trained and specialized in ensuring that the street lights of a particular city or town are well managed and maintained to the required standards. This includes the maintenance of traffic management systems.

When looking for an electrician, it is important to go for one who is experienced and licensed to perform the work. This will guarantee that he/she will deliver quality work which also enhances the safety of lives and property.